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We Need Your Help! Could You Spare an Hour or Two A Month?

As we're heading from Autumn into Winter, we are are getting the garden ready for a rest up. But before we close up we really really need your help.

To keep the garden running, we obviously need gardeners...but we also need a number of other tasks to be completed.

So we are setting up some teams to keep the garden ticking over, behind the scenes. If we can get a couple of people to take on a few tasks every month, it shouldn't be more than an hour or 2 a month, and mostly can be covered remotely.

Perhaps someone you love attends the garden? Or you have enjoyed the garden in the past? But don't have the time to make it down there regularly anymore? Or you would rally like to do some voluntary work, but fitting it in feels impossible. Please have a look at the teams below and see which one might be a good fit for you.

The finance team keep an eye on the money. If you are confident with numbers, spreadsheets and accessing online banking we could really do with your help. We have a volunteer who checks our receipts against the bank statement already -we need someone to transfer that info into spreadsheets, keep an eye on income and outgoings and communicating with the fundraising team, and the committee.

Do you enjoy organising events - like a spring fair, could you get some friends together to make a team and help us out? Or if you prefer the admin side of fundraising, we really need help applying for funding pots -this is all about filling in application forms, helping the gardeners achieve what they want to achieve by finding the right funds to apply for and helping us develop projects.

Are you am organised person? Could you check our email weekly, forwarding to the different teams? Or keep an eye on the garden diary, making sure the different groups and families that book the garden for parties have all the info they need and communicating with the volunteer team so everyone knows what is going on.

The Communication team look after our website and social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). Could you arrange a weekly update post? Write the occasional blog? Keep our website in shape? Design some visuals on canva or whatever other format works best for you? Work with the fundraising team to promote events online?

We are always looking for gardeners -whatever the weather. We also need volunteers to support our gardeners that need a bit of a hand. We have such a fantastic group of volunteers, and we'd love to have more. Often people who want to join us need a bit of one to one support to grow their confidence in the garden. Whether they have physical or mental health difficulties - could you spare some time to support them? Volunteer sessions are on Mondays 10-12.

We also need some folks we can call on to collect donations (from places like Wickes) , this would be very occasional - but would be great to have your name and number so we can call upon you in our time of need. and strong arms and backs to load/unload the goods we have kindly been donated.

This is a big ask -we know!! But just on the off chance... we need an organised and excellent communicator. Who can arrange 4 committee meetings a year, drawing people from all the different teams to ensure the continued success of Long Eaton Community Garden.

You don't need to be a gardener, you just need to be passionate about making a difference to our garden members, and to Long Eaton (if you fancy a bigger challenge).

All these teams feed into the organisational committee for the community garden. See below.

This is a team effort, and we really need you on our team, otherwise the future of Long Eaton Community garden is in some doubt. We have a fantastic site, an legendary team of garden volunteers and a well established reputation. It's a great time to join the team and help us go forward into 2023.

If you can spare any time this coming year please email us on or message us via facebook or instagram. We can have a no pressure chat, arrange a visit to the garden if you'd like to look around, and lots of support from our current committee to make sure you are confident in your responsibilities (we don't want to dump anyone in the deep end).

Please don't put this off -drop us a message right now so we can get the conversation going. We need to fill these roles before our AGM in January, or we will have serious difficulties keeping the garden going in 2023.

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