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Hiring The Garden For a Party/Event

A new idea for 2022, is letting members of the community hire the garden for their own parties/gatherings.

Over lockdown we realised that we had a fantastic outdoor space which could be used by groups in a Covid safe way for celebrations and gatherings. So we've got our acts together and have set up a garden agreement so folks can hire the garden for their own use.

What Is the Garden Like?

As you can see we have an excellent forest school area, and banked seating at one end of the garden. There is room to put out tables and activities at this end of the garden as well.

At the other end of the garden we have a patio, with tables and seating, plenty of room for friends and family to spread out and relax. this is near the mud kitchen and children's play area, with our row boat, slide and climbing frame.

The garden has wide, accessible paths -though care should always be taken. We also have a pizza oven, however this is not currently available for use during parties as it takes a couple of hours to get up to temperature and is a safety risk. We may consider allowing use of this in the future, so if you're really keen on it email us to have a chat.

The willow tunnel and pond are wonderful areas to explore and enjoy nature (you can watch the bird feeding station from the willow tunnel, if you're v v quiet). The polytunnel is usually v cosy, and interesting to explore.

When Is The Garden Available?

Currently the garden is available on Tuesdays and Sundays, during daylight hours. We can sometimes offer flexibility on the day e.g. occasional Saturdays may be available - however regular volunteer sessions take priority.

How Much Does It Cost?

We are currently charging £40 for a 3 hour slot. Morning slots are 9am - 12pm, afternoon slots are 12.30 pm- 3.30pm.

What Do We Provide?

Think of this as like a church hall hire - so you get the garden to yourselves. We do not provide activities or entertainment, but you are welcome to bring others on site to do this for you.

We would like to build up a list of recommended party entertainment providers who have used the garden, so please get in touch if you are a party entertainer who might be interested in being on this list -we can have a chat about how you can use the garden appropriately.

If you have an entertainer in mind -we'd really appreciate it if they could check in with us before their first visit to the site to make sure they have also signed a garden agreement, and make sure we are all working together to provide a fantastic party experience for you.

How Does It Work On The Day?

When you are booking the garden, we will take a phone number for you, and liaise via email and phone to agree an opening and closing time. This will be overseen by one of our volunteers.

Do We Have Any Equipment You Can Use?

We have a number of gazebo's that you are welcome to borrow. these can be left out for you to erect when the garden is opened up for you. These will need to be taken down again at the end of the party.

If there are other resources you would like to be provided e.g. nets for pond dipping, fire pit etc. please email to see what is available.

There is also a car park beside the site, this is for the use of all allotment holders, please park considerately.

Guidance For Using The Garden

We would love you to enjoy our garden space, please remind children (and adults) about sticking to the paths, and not clambering on the beds or off paths as plants may be growing there which you can't see at the time. We'd rather ask you that now, than cover the garden with warning signs.

Children should always be supervised in the pond area and the polytunnel. The pond is 2 metres deep in the middle -no on has fallen in yet. We plan to keep it that way.

The polytunnel is a very precious resource for us. Any damage to the plastic would render it unusable -so we ask that you treat it carefully.

Its important to remember there is NO ELECTRICITY at the site, and drinking water can only be accessed via the allotment tap -which is often in use by other allotment holders. You will need to bring any hot drinks in flasks with you. You may also want to bring drinking water with you, if you are not sure about drinking from the allotment tap.

The garden has some limited areas for shelter which you will be able to use if the weather is inclement or v hot. We recommend you consider your options around this before the booking. We have some gazebo's you can use. The garden cabin and sheds will not be available for use during private parties.

Please ensure the garden is left as you found it. Especially make sure the mud kitchen and children's area is tidied up after use.

Any rubbish or recycling must be taken off site after the party.

Using The Toilet

Our fantastic compost toilet is a very practical element of hiring the garden. It is accessible by steps and ramp, with plenty of room inside, and a baby changing table if required.

The toilet is designed for toilet paper and waste only. Any nappies or sanitary products will need to be taken home, or disposed of with party waste.

There is a spray to wipe down the seat after use with blue roll. The blue roll needs to be disposed of in the bucket in the toilet or within your party waste (not down the toilet). Two cups of sawdust can be put down the toilet at the end of your party or gathering.

Finding The garden

The garden is located off Norfolk Road in Long Eaton, this is a residential area. The postcode is NG10 2BB. If using a sat nav please make sure you advise your guests to use the postcode rather than googling Long Eaton Community Garden (google will direct you to Hucknall if you do this, we have been trying to sort this out with google for ages and not been able to get anywhere).

From Derby Road (heading into Long Eaton) turn right onto Norfolk rd, continue straight ahead. You will pass 'The Corner Shop' on your right , carry on a little bit further and you will see a driveway between 2 houses on your left. This is the entrance to the car park. There is a tiny sign for Norfolk Rd Park, but this is easily missed.

To book the garden, contact us via email on

We will send you a booking form and garden agreement to sign and return to us electronically. To ensure your booking payment must be received in our bank account and the garden agreement returned to us.

If you have any other questions or feel there is some useful info missing from this guide, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

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