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Winter Lockdown - Volunteer Opportunities

Well, we were hoping to be posting a very different blog post this week, with invites to new saturday sessions and volunteer spaces available during the week. Also plans for an outdoor introduction to woodwork course were mixed into the brew.

But sadly we are once again closing our gates until December as we along with everyone else in our community settle back into staying in to help the fight against the corona virus.

We've been very quiet on here, and are hoping to post a bit more often - no promises though. As Gardeners World finishes on the telly (that's been a real treat on a Friday nights throughout lockdown earlier in the year), and the nights draw in, we hope to keep you posted on developments in the garden - yes stuff does need to be done over the winter -and we're formulating a plan to keep the garden ticking over until we see what spring will bring us.

One of the committee's main jobs in Autumn - is to prepare for the AGM which happens in January every year. And begin to sort out who's going to be on committee in 2021. Which is what the main thrust of this blog post is about.

We have two roles that really need to be filled this year - Treasurer and Secretary - these are the bread and butter, keep everything ticking along nicely positions on the committee. If you are looking for a volunteering opportunity and like the sound of these - we would love to hear from you -read on for how to get in touch.

The treasurer role is pretty straightforward. You keep track of the money coming into and out of the garden accounts, make sure bills are paid and keep the committee advised of the state of our accounts. The treasurer needs to be confident with numbers and accessing and using online banking. It would be really helpful if you were handy with spreadsheets like 'Excel' or 'Numbers'.

Neither of these roles require any experience with gardening, in fact the folks stepping down from the roles currently would say they have learned to be gardeners as a bonus, as they have helped with the administrative roles at the garden.

The Secretary is another vital, but straightforward role at the garden. The secretary needs to be organised, supporting the chairperson to arrange committee meetings -taking minutes for the meetings and looking after the garden email. Working closely with the treasurer and the chairperson to make sure the garden runs smoothly, and keeping track of committee decisions.

Both of these roles are very much part of the bigger team of the garden committee who are all volunteers who have stepped up to keep the garden moving in the right direction for our volunteers/garden members. We're hoping to introduce you to the rest of the committee over the winter, so you can meet the team on the blog, as well as in person, if you thought you might be interested in coming on board.

If you would like to put yourself forward for either of these roles - please get in touch with us via email to longeatoncg@gmail.com or you can contact us through our social media channels (instagram and facebook) or you can fill in a contact form on our website.

Let us know your name and details - any relevant experience you might have (though experience isn't always necessary) and why you are interested in taking on the role. We'll invite you down to the garden to have a look around and meet some volunteers and see if we're a good fit for you.

We're really looking forward to hearing from you. Please get in touch within the next couple of weeks.

The Garden Committee

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