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New Covid Information - Children's Groups At The Garden -Nov/Dec 2020

A special blog post from our regular forest school provider on site, Little Foresters.

A message from Louise, Michelle and Rowena

Hi Everyone,

Just too let you know that our pre-school and home school Forest School groups will be running with the lockdown as the government has recognised the importance of pre-school children and parents having support and contact with other people.

See the government guidance here - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-national-restrictions-from-5-november

This is outlined in section 3 of the above link. The home schooled children that access our groups are also able to continue as stated in section 7.

We have worked really hard to provide extra hygiene measures. We have several hand washing areas and resources are cleaned after use.

All children have work packs and food packs in stead of sharing resources.

We also feel that outside is the safest place to be in terms of possible transmission.

Overall social, emotional, physical and educational benefits should be extended to younger children, just as our older children continue to access their educational settings.

In short, the Little Foresters groups will continue to run during the current Lockdown arrangements for the regular members that attend at the garden.

Thanks for all your support

Louise, Michelle and Rowena.

For further information or to contact Little Foresters, please visit their website


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