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Slow and Steady Start to The Year for The Garden

Taking our cues from Mother Nature, as the garden develops with the seasons.

group of children's hands holding seedlings
growing together

We spend the winter months at the garden planning for the next season. Planning, planting, events, and regular sessions as we try and figure out how to move the garden forward and build the community we want to see in Long Eaton. Like the seeds under the earth, preparing to break through when spring hits.

Our Vision: To create a garden, where everyone is welcome to build relationships and learn about each other and the natural world. Building a community of all ages to help make Long Eaton an even better place to live.

We have big plans for 2019, which will start to show through in the next month or so, as the warmer weather (hopefully) arrives. Although as I write it's been snowing overnight in Long Eaton, on some streets anyway.

Regular Sessions

We have already started our regular Friday morning Little Diggers sessions, 10-11.30am. As with all of our regular sessions - It's free, (although donations are always welcome).

Last week we held our first monthly Saturday open session happened (check out the blog post about it) - we've really gotta come up with a better name than that though!

Last year we had a weekly Wednesday evening after work opening, and a weekly Sunday

morning session. We still hope to restart these later in the year, but the ground isn't warm enough yet. If you would be interested in coming to either of those sessions regularly, please do contact us via email longeatoncg@gmail.com - we would be delighted to hear from you.

We'd also be interested in starting an after school group for those young gardeners in Long Eaton who'd be interested in growing something new in Long Eaton.

And finally we have a new group starting in May called Acorns to Oaks, which is specifically aimed at bringing together younger children and families and those who have retired. Through finding from Erewash CVS, we've got plans to do some interesting activities, play games, enjoy being outside, maybe do a little outdoor cooking, and definitely some gardening. Keep an eye out for information about these groups by following us on facebook, instagram - or signing up to our mailing list - which can be found at the bottom of our home page.

So Spring is around the corner!! What are your plans for 2019, will this be the year your come and join us at the Garden?

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