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Garden AGM Coming Up...

The Garden AGM is coming up fast -

Friday 31st January, 2020.


Erewash Voluntary Services

Long Eaton NG10 4HD

2019 has been our best year yet, and you are invited to hear our review of the year, elect the Garden Committee for 2020, and hear about some of our plans for the coming 12 months.

Everyone is welcome to attend the AGM, but only garden members are allowed to stand for committee positions and vote in the committee election.

So, the next obvious question is - are you a member?

We've near really had members before - as we've been a small but mighty crew of less than 10 people. But 2019 has brought many wonderful new people through our garden gate - so we have decided that membership is the way forward. But we've kept it really simple.

Membership is automatic, we should be able to verify your membership by looking at our attendance logs on the day of the AGM, and by relying on the keen memories of the sessions leaders who you met when you spent time at the garden this year. As we get our act together for the coming year, we will try and formalise this process so everyone knows if they are a community garden member and can wear their badge with pride (we might even get real badges!!)

As the garden has grown, we want to maintain and develop its growth ( like the good gardeners we are.) To do that we need help with different areas of the garden. We'll start with the committee roles that need to be filled. The picture below give a taste of the roles involved - if any of them catch your eye and you think you might enjoy helping with that part of the garden - please please do get in touch with us via the garden email longeatoncg@gmail.com .

Have you been a regular attender on a monday morning this year? Or perhaps come along to Acorns To Oaks on a Friday. You'll know you're session leaders, maybe it's Karen, Rachel, Louise or Lesley? We love running these sessions for you, but we also need a bit of help. Offering to lead a session once a month can make a huge difference for us. You can team up with friends to do it together. We're open to your ideas on how to run things, if you can make it work for you, we'll support you all the way.

Or maybe you would love to come more regularly to the garden, but we don 't currently offer a session when you're free! Why not talk to us about running a session. We've got lots of ideas, but we haven't got the volunteers to make it happen. If you are interested...please get in touch.

When we are down at the garden folks often tell me, they don't know anything about gardening, and come to learn - we LOVE that!! We are learning too. Maybe you have knowledge and skills in other areas, where you can help, welcoming new volunteers in person and via email, or using social media like facebook and instagram to help promote events at the garden - increasing our impact on Long Eaton. Maybe you have fundraising skills you could offer to build our events.

Two fundamental roles for the garden, keeping everything ticking over financially and in terms of administration.

Have you fallen in love with the Garden, and can you see an exciting future for what we can achieve together? Then maybe you should consider going for the position of Chair or Vice-Chair.

To put yourself forward for a committee position, you will need

-to be a Garden member

-to be nominated and seconded by 2 other garden members (garden members includes current committee members too)

If you've got any questions about this process, please email Lesley Padley (the current Chair) she will be super happy to answer any questions you've got. get in touch on longeatoncg@gmail.com

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