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6 Ways to Help The Garden?

Here are 6 simple ways that you can support Long Eaton Community Garden.

1. Come and Visit

Let's start with a super easy one. Come along to one of our sessions. We record the number of folks that come to our sessions and this information really helps us when we are putting together funding bids for different projects at the garden. We can show how many people have come along and prove (in statistical terms) that we are making a difference and creating community in Long Eaton.

So come along and pop your name in the book - easy peasy. Click on the picture to see what events we have lined up.

2. Do Some Gardening With Us

Of Course , while your there, may as well do some gardening!! The garden is run by a small group of volunteers, there are about 10 of us who attend regular sessions and make decisions about the garden.

During our open sessions (Monday, Thursday and Friday) you can just pop in, we always have a list of jobs to try and complete - they are big and little. From building a raised bed to weeding a little bit of the path. Every little bit of help, every single volunteer makes a difference. You don't have to have any gardening knowledge, there are other volunteers that can help with that.

You don't have to come every week, but we hope you'll fall in love with the place and want to return again and again.

Or maybe your employer is looking for a 'volunteer day' or a team building day. We can create opportunities for this to happen. Just email us with the details (longeatoncg@gmail.com) . We have hosted team building days , and had some volunteers from a Nottingham employer, only last week, check out our facebook feed to see the details. If you click on the picture above, you'll be taken to our volunteer application form.

3. Making Tea

Gardening might not be your thing, or you might not feel able to join in with physical tasks, but you like being outside and meeting new people.

We need folks like you, who'll pop the kettle on and be willing to have a chat with someone. Whether its a young mum on a Friday morning, who just wants a bit of grown-up conversation while her little ones play at the mud kitchen. Or a forlorn session leader (like me) who need help with the washing up after a session. We would love your help. You can see Rose in this picture warming up some soup for the Acorns To Oaks. Click on the picture to be taken to the volunteer application form, or just drop us an email if forms worry you ( longeatoncg@gmail.com ).

4. Fundraising

We are always coming up with plans for new stuff to do at the garden, but often we're limited by a lack of funds and time. We'd love to run some fundraising events, and maybe you could help us? Could you spare a couple of hours a month to meet up with some other folks and organise events at the garden a couple of times a year? We're open to ideas, maybe a summer fayre? Or a clothes swop? Or a bake sale? I bet you've thought of a couple of ideas just while you're reading this, that are much more interesting than those suggestions.

Please get in touch by email ( longeatoncg@gmail.com ) by clicking on the bean counting picture, we would love to hear from you.

5. Donate Money

We always have our donation box out during sessions, and our visitors have been really generous over the summer. Even a coupe of quid helps us buy the little things that keep the garden going, loo roll, milk and tea bags and obviously biscuits!!

And new this season -You can also donate directly to us via our website. Click on the picture to see the donation page.

6. Donate Stuff

And finally, did you know we have a wish list on our website? Items which would be really useful for us to have, which we don't currently have. Like a few more hand trowels, or some plays and for the children sand pit.

We are great believers in re-using items. All of the guttering on in our garden has been reclaimed for elsewhere. A lot of the tools also. and if you are in the Long Eaton Community facebook group, you'll know we regularly put out requests for old bricks.

We often get offered lots of plastic plant pots, which we generally decline, as if we accepted them all, we'd be inundated. We try to stay away from plastic, although sometimes its the most sensible option.

We try and keep the wishlist up to date - so if you're having clear out, don't put it into landfill, see if we need it first. Or if you're not sure....drop us a message on facebook or an email via the website (with a photo), and we'll get back to you asap.

Or to see the current wishlist, click on Nav's face in the photo and we'll whisk you straight there.

There are so many different ways to be a part of Long Eaton Community Garden - come and join in - you won't regret it.

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